Fiber pp polypropylene spun bond nonwoven fabric

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model Applicable to medical and health cloth, home decoration cloth, clothing cloth and industrial cloth
Material Polyethylene And Polypropylene
Color white, black or customize
Breadth 175cm
Gram weight 25-60gsm
Pattrn plain
Payment Telegraphic transfer, Xinbao and wechat Pay Alipay
Delivery time 15-25 days after confirmation of payment (maximum quantity ordered)
Loading Guangzhou or Shenzhen, China
Sample free samples
OEM and ODM support
Package Transparent film packing
MOQ 300kg
Suitable for agricultural film, shoemaking, leather, mattress, quilt, decoration, chemical, printing, automobile, building materials, furniture and other industries, and clothing interlining, medical and health disposable operating clothes, masks, hats, sheets, hotel disposable tablecloth, beauty, sauna and even today's fashion gift bags, boutique bags, shopping bags, advertising bags and so on.1. With the strength of the factory with a construction area of 30,000 square meters, and the high efficiency and high quality after-sales service team, to ensure the safe and smooth delivery of goods, international standard service level, can solve customers' concerns about positioning products; 2. 200 employees to ensure production capacity and delivery time. 3. 22 patented technical support 4. Non-woven products involve a wide range of fields, large capacity scale, to meet a large number of customization 5. Exports to more than 100 countries, international customer recognition is highThe new generation of environmental protection materials, with strong good, breathable waterproof, environmental protection, flexible, non-toxic tasteless, cheap and other advantages A new type of fiber product with soft, breathable and flat structure is formed by direct use of polymer slices, short fibers or filaments through various fiber mesh forming methods and consolidation techniques. Plastic products do not have the environmental performance, its natural degradation time is much lower than plastic bags, therefore, the use of non-woven fabric made of non-woven bags is also recognized as the most affordable environmental bags. bright, fashion and environmental protection. It has a wide range of uses, beautiful and generous, various patterns and styles, light weight, environmental protection and recyclable, which is internationally recognized as the environmental protection products to protect the earth ecologyNon-woven fabric has no warp and weft, cutting and sewing are very convenient, and the weight is light and easy to shape, non-woven fabric has broken through the traditional textile principle, and has a short process, fast production speed, high yield, low cost, wide use, raw material sources.Good strength, waterproof breathable, environmental protection, flexible, non-toxic tasteless waterproof, breathable, flexible, no combustion, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors1. Have their own supply chain, to ensure the supply of goods in a timely manner to meet 2. Efficient mechanized production integration of packaging, production cycle to meet the requirements of most customers. 3. Mature online services and trading system, support for multiple national currencies, support for multiple payment 4. A professional service team with multi-country transaction experience to provide clients with professional industry advice and needs positioning.Mouldproof moistureproof sex high pervious to light breathable gas good environmental protection biodegradableLifetime service, repurchase enjoy price concessions After the first purchase, we will provide you with good feedback if you have any questions about whether you can't use the product or want to know more about the product. Secondly, when you re-purchase, you have the opportunity to enjoy price concessions. In terms of logistics, you can deliver the product to the place designated by the customer without any problems.

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